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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Download connectify Pro 3.5 full

 Download this software and share your internet in another PC. You can share your wi-fi internet connection in another laptop, 3G mobile phones, TAB and etc. You can using this software so easily and simply. Now a day i am using this software in my computer with friends and enjoy with downloading and sharing files. It's a awesome software for me. i wish all of peoples like it. If you have any laptop. This is for you. This is a small software and do big works. This is a world class software for me. If you interest to download this software? Don't waiting for download this software. just click below link and download so quickly.

Download from Media fire site: (File size: 3.94 MB)

Download here (Password: koskomputer)

See Some features:

1. Easy to connect wi-fi network.
2. Share your 3G internet in any mobiles and Laptop.
3. Easily create a Hotspots wi-fi.
4. fasted net your computer (Laptop Wi-Fi connected).
5. Share any files or folders easily and simply.
6. Download pro version.
7. Full version download.
8. All features are PRO.
9. Easy create a user and password and connect
10. Download and enjoy with sharing internet.


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