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Friday, 13 July 2012

Download Latest version AVG Internet Security v 2012.0.2193 Build 5094 Incl Keygen

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 Today i want to share a great antivirus . AVG Internet Security : Using this Internet Security can protect  PC  from internet threats. Download this here free. AVG Internet Security  designed to block, viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, and firewall to protect against network attacks.If you use AVG Internet Security 2012 identity theft, spam and viruses do not have to worry about.
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Average for the popular anti-virus software for home use. The main advantage of AVG products - certified manufacturer of rapid virus database update, use, low system requirements ease. Avg anti-virus software, Windows 7, Vista and XP provides powerful protection against viruses and spyware. Average product for your computerand data loss are designed to counter the threat of infection.
Various Features in AVG Internet Security (ru): 

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• Anti-Virus (antivirus)
AVG Anti-Virus viruses, worms, Trojans and unwanted files or libraries in the system identifies. Anti-virus protection to maintain the highest possible level should be continuously updated.

• Anti-Spyware (antispyware)
AVG Anti-Spyware protects your computer from malware, adware and unwantedadvertising and protects against software that secretly collects your personal data from your computer to be sure. To ensure complete protection of your computer Anti-Spyware component must be constantly updated.
Anti-Rootkit (rootkit protection)
Program dangerous applications, disk, or Anti-Rootkit scans for rootkits hidden in dll libraries of components. A rootkit is a package of malicious software that an attacker to gain administrative level access or the network allows
• Resident Shield
Resident Shield scans files when they are opened or saved copy. When a threat is detected that prevents its activation. Component also provides significant protection for computer systems areas.

• e-mail scanner
E-mail scanner designed for the most common email clients (for example, Outlook and The Bat!) Plug-in with the incoming and outgoing e-mail checks. Personal Email Scanner supports all email clients. Matches the POP3/SMTP or IMAP (for example, Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook Express) to use. When a virus is found in the repository is moved to the virus.

• Firewall (firewall)
Average firewall monitors all communication on every network port, protecting you from malicious attacks. If the firewall detects a component of the attempted intrusion, it immediately blocks and, thus, ensures the security of your computer.

• Free
Free search and provides comprehensive security for Internet browsing. Surf Shield and Search Shield component: It uses two functions. Your computer is protected from Internet attacks, and you can define the security of the sites visited. Free Internet Explorer and Firefox supports.
Online Shield
Shield online from accidentally downloading an infected file, or via instant messaging, file transfer that protects your computer.

• Anti-Spam (anti spam)
AVG Anti-spam as spam, all incoming e-mail and notes checks for unsolicited messages. Component analysis uses several methods, to ensure safety at the highest level possible.

tr AVG Internet Security v 2012.0.2193 Build 5094 Incl Keygen br

• Identity Protection
Identify new and unknown threats Protection provides continuous protection of digital data. Identified based on the protection of your computer and automatically lock action, which lead to identity theft and do not require renewal programs on tracking the behavior of the sign says the average protection.

• System Tools
Through the system include: processes, networking, auto, browser extensions, viewer LSP.

• PC Analyzer
PC analyzer to analyze your computer for registry errors, junk files, fragmentation errors, disk errors, and will identify problems with broken shortcuts.

• Update Manager)
Manager Automatic Update AVG update that manages the Internet or LAN.Checked at least once a day is recommended. Program Update AVG Internet Security is very important to ensure optimal protection against the virus.
 So no more late quickly download this antivirus and enjoy

Operating System  : “Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7” (x32/x64)

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