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Sunday, 22 July 2012


As this is fast moving generation .........Our browsers should also be fast so that we could lot of stuff at a time.......without delay.......and  Google Chrome  world’s favorite web browser because of its speed.So to that chrome  there are lot of apps and themes available. Through Chrome Web Store, Google have opened such a big platform to extend the world of Google Chrome.
  so customize your own google chrome.....which looks coolest to you.......

Step One

> Open Google Chrome Browser.
> Download ‘My Chrome Theme app from Chrome Web Store from following Link. don't worry itz a trusted one as it is a google gadget.

Step Two

>Install the Application by clicking ‘Add To Chrome’ link to install the Application. Approve notifications and it will download and install the application.
1 Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Step 3

Launch the Application by clicking the Launch App Button and you can see a image like below. Click on ‘Start Making Theme’ for creating your own Chrome Theme

Step 4

On the first step, add a background image to your Google Chrome Theme. You can upload a photo from PC or take a new photo from webcam.
Chrome Theme Upload Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Step 5

You can do editing and reposition of the uploaded (taken) image in the second step. You can set it to fit to screen, centralize etc. on this step.
5 Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Step 6

In this step, you can make your Chrome theme a little bit colorful. You can change Tab/Toolbar Color, Background Tab Color, and Frame Color.
Theme Coloring Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Step 7

It’s the last step and you can give a name and description for your Chrome Theme. After doing this, just wait some seconds and surely you can get your own Chrome theme. So just wait some seconds and install your own Chrome Theme.
Generating Google Chrome Theme Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme
and enjoy the new look ti your chrome browser


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