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Saturday, 14 July 2012

VirtualBox Final


 VirtualBox – program to run on the same computer multiple virtual operating systems. This is a convenient and functional tools for virtualization, calculated as the corporate and home users. The program supports many different guest operating systems family Windows (NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7), as well as DOS, Linux and OpenBSD. As in other similar applications, there exists the possibility to start and stop the guest OS, configure the use of computer resources, data exchange between host and guest operating system, taking screenshots of virtual systems and much more.
Key features:
“Support for USB 2.0, when the device host machines are available for guest OS
“Built-in RDP-server and client support for USB-devices over RDP protocol
“Experimental support for hard disk VMDK / VMware
“Support for iSCSI
“Virtualization audio
“Support for various types of networking (NAT, Host Networking via Bridged, Internal)
“Support for tree saved state the virtual machine (snapshots), which can be rolled back from any state guest
“Support for Shared Folders to easily share files between host and guest systems
“And more.
Changes in VirtualBox Final:
- VMM: fixed VERR_REM_VIRTUAL_CPU_ERROR under rare conditions after the guest has been reset (bug # 5164 and others)
- VMM: fixed host freezes with 64-bit guests on 32-bit Linux hosts (bug # 10528)
- VRDP: added a workaround for rdesktop clients not properly updating the screen size when minimized
- AHCI: fixed a rare bug which can cause a guest memory corruption after the guest storage controler has been reset
- NAT: another attempt to fix crashes under rare conditions (Windows hosts only; bug # 10513)
- Mac OS X hosts: addressed issues running Leopard / Snow Leopard (bug # 10631)
- Linux hosts / Bridged Networking: fixed the problem with device driver unloading on kernels 3.2.18 and newer due to an invalid reference counter (bug # 10624)
- Linux hosts / guests: Linux 3.5-rc1 fixes
- Linux Additions: the guest content was sometimes not properly updated (bug # 9887)
- Solaris Additions: installer fix for X.org Server 1.11 and 1.12
Operating System: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Released: 2012
Version: Final
Language: multilanguage / Russian

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