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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WinTuning 8 v1.01 Free Full Version Download

 When plenty of people have already planned to get their Windows 8 in the imminent months, WinTuning 8 could be a great way to help optimize Windows 8. WinTuning 8 is designed to configure & optimize Windows 8, check the updates of installed programs, get access to over 80 public & hidden tools of Windows 8, configure the boot, remove junk files from your hard drive, get information about your method, diagnose & troubleshoot operating systems & more. Follow the article to find out more about what this release includes.

Why WinTuning 8? 

  • Windows 8 Status Monitor scans for errors of your Windows 8 operating system;
  • Plenty of picture tips for tweaks. It will help you to understand what will happen in Windows 8 after the tweak is applied;
  • Tweak your method to improve windows startup & shutdown speed; tweak your hardware to increase method speed & performance;
  • Find & tidy junk files to increase Hard Disk space;
  • Optimize your Web connection speed;
  • Tune up Windows 8 boot menu;
  • Personalize Windows 8 Logon Screen;
  • Show the collection of Windows utilities;
  • Get detailed method & all hardware information on your system;
  • Edit context menus of mouse Right-Clicking;
  • All operations performed on the operating method are safe, because all changes can be undone at any time.



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