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Monday, 20 August 2012

Lock your drive/pendrive without any software

Hello friends… many of us have to lock our folder for various purposes. For this, we use Universal shield, folder lock, folder guard etc many software. Moreover, we take help from various drive protector software to lock any drive. However, today, I am going to show you how to givepassword protection to any drive or pendrive even without any software. But you can apply this trick only on windows vista andwindows seven. I am showing that, how to apply password on windows seven: 

  • Connect your penvrive. ( in case of giving password on pendrive)
  • Right click on that drive, in which drive you want to give password. Then select the option, turn on bitlocker like the following figure.

  • After selecting the bitlocker, you will see like the following image.
  • Now follow the procedures, what is shown in the following figures.
  • Then the following figure will appear.
  • After the encryption is complete, the following figure will appear. Click on close button.
  • Your drive/pendrive is locked now. Whenever you want to connect to your locked drive, you will see a page like the following figure.
You would have to give password on that box. Otherwise, it will fail to unlock.


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